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A mini version of the full Raise Your Program, to give you a little preview of the holistic approach that Body Mechanics takes to Restore. Develop. And Strengthen.

In this 4 week mini-program you will learn the foundational approach to becoming stronger in your physical, mental, nutritional, and goal-setting abilities to become the best you that you can be! Each week we will touch on a different aspect of the program and come together as a group, in a virtual session, to discuss the topic as well as review our “practice plan”.

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Program Schedule

Week 1: Physical

Learn how to program workouts for yourself; the basics of weightlifting, cardio, speed, agility, strength, and more! Understand the importance of movement and how a little each day, goes a long way.

Week 2: Mental

Dive into your thoughts, fears, habits, and comfort zones to explore the richness of your mind. Learn how to understand the connection between your mind and your body, and use this connection to become stronger, healthier, and more in tune with yourself as a whole.

Week 3: Nutrition

Explore the depths of food as fuel, and how what you eat can affect not only your appetite, but your mental ability, how you body feels, how you perform in sport or in everyday, and more.

Week 4: Goal Setting

Having a vision without a plan is just a dream. Learn how to set SMART goals, and why tracking your goals, as well as celebrating micro wins helps you to reach your bigger goals easier and faster.

What You Will Gain

Each participant will receive a weekly email with their “practice plan” that includes talking points, challenges, and questions for the upcoming live virtual session held each week (schedule based on YOUR availability). At the end of each week, you will have gained a new perspective on the topic and the steps you can take to move yourself forward in your journey!

The purpose of the Raise Your Game program is to have accountability, focus, clarity, and direction into what it means for YOU to be firing on all cylinders. How would you feel if your mind and body were on the same page? If you felt healthy inside and out? Imagine the things you could achieve, how amazing you would feel waking up in the morning, all while having the accountability and community not only from Dr. Braun but from others in the RYG community as well!

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