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“The Actions You Take Today, Create Your Reality for Tomorrow”

It’s Time to Raise Your Game

Why do you compete as an athlete? Do you enjoy the thrill of the sport? Do you thrive in competition? Is it to become your best self, on and off the field? In being an athlete, you have probably imagined achieving high levels of success and accomplishments.

The Struggle is Real

But along the way, life happened, and things may have changed. As you continue to play the game, disappointments and setbacks may have given you doubts of what you can achieve and what is possible for you. Maybe you feel like playing is not as fun as it used to be or that you’ve hit your limit.

When you get to these times in life, it can be hard to get focus and clarity on where you’re going and how to get back your edge.

We Understand The Challenges You Face

We get it and understand the struggle is real. We’ve been where you are and understand the challenges you may be facing. That’s why we’ve created the Raise Your Game Program.

As an international athlete, business owner, and Doctor of physical therapy, I’ve had the opportunity to guide athletes of all levels, to see new potential for themselves and those around them.

A Proven Path to Rise

It all starts by assessing where you’re currently at now in your journey, deciding where you want to go, and then challenging yourself to Raise Your Game.

We encourage you to take the first step towards improving… Gaining awareness.

Taking The First Steps

To get started raising your game, first fill out our short online Champion’s Quiz Assessment to define your current RISE Score.

Then go through our FREE three-day Raise Your Game Challenge to begin setting goals for your mental self, nutrition, fitness, and life.

By taking these actions, you will

  • Achieve Focus and Clarity
  • Be Inspired & Empowered to Achieve Your Full Potential
  • Define Goals and Begin Crafting a Plan to Achieve Them

Then you can determine what are the next best steps for you to take.

Now Is the Time to Take Action

It’s time to stop putting things off until tomorrow , to stop making excuses of why you haven’t made progress on some of your goals.

It’s time to stop being anxious about what the future holds or envious of what others have accomplished.

It’s time to Raise Your Game!

And know, you are not alone. We can do this together.

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The Creator of the Raise Your Game Program: Dr. Meghan Braun

Dr. Meghan Braun

Author of The PRIME Process™ Book Series

Owner of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy

Raise Your Game

What Other Athletes Have Said

Dr. Braun helped me in many different ways including to gain confidence, be more flexible and win my weightlifting competition. – Abby

Learned the basics of going to a gym. Felt prepared and more confident to workout by myself and achieve my goals. – Isabel

The Three Steps to Raise Your Game

Begin your journey to becoming your best self, developing breakthrough performance and join other like minds by following the three steps below.

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Raise Your Game Challenge

Gain focus and clarity of your goals in the different areas of your life and begin crafting the plans to achieve them.

Continue to Rise

& Achieve Your Full Potential

Select the Path to Continue Raising Your Game that best fits your individual needs.

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