Would You Like to Raise Your Game,
on the field, on the court, at work, or in life?

Take The Champion’s Challenge.

Hi everyone, Dr. Meghan Braun here, owner of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy inviting you to take The Raise Your Game Challenge.

The Raise Your Game Program is based on the four core topics where we take a look into your physical fitness, mental hygiene, nutrition understanding, and goal setting accountability.

Each day of the challenge you will be presented with a question to answer honestly and assess for yourself. Everything will be self-paced with an email and video sent out each morning of the Challenge.

I highly encourage you to post about your progress, things you have learned, and how you are moving through the Challenge, by tagging @bodymecpt on social media and using the hashtag #RYG2021.

The purpose of the Raise Your Game program is to have accountability, focus, clarity, and direction into what it means for YOU to be firing on all cylinders.

How would you feel if your mind and body were on the same page?

If you felt healthy inside and out?

Imagine the things you could achieve, how amazing you would feel waking up in the morning, all while having the accountability and community not only from myself but from others also involved in the Challenge!